99wh Large Capacity, Allowed on Board

Nowadays, more and more personal electronic products are neccessary for daily life, especially mobile phone. And for many businessmen on the trip, a laptop is also need, which brings  difficulties to battery life.

       The ordinary mini portable power source is convenient to carry, but its capacity is completely insufficient for the endurance demand of multi-devices. Meanwhile, due to the low output power, the charging speed appears to be very slow when faced with large-capacity electrical equipments such as laptops.

       In response to the urgent power needs of current users , Mountain has launched the PowerBank series, Mountain 100, designed specifically for the mobile charging requirements of high-power products, as well as for the boarding needs of business travel.

Multiple Interfaces

MOUNTAIN 100 has various interfaces: one USB-C bidirectional fast charging interface, two USB-A QC3.0 output interfaces, one AC output interface and one wireless charging output.

       The top of the product is a wireless charging area, made of silica gel, which is non-skid and comfortable to the touch. There is also a power start button and an independent switch button for AC output on the top.      
       The front and rear side of the product are respectively arranged with  interface end a display end. The interface end contains four output interfaces. The display end is a LCD display screen, viewing the charge&discharge status and the current power in real time.

Boarding with MOUNTAIN 100 — the largest-capacity allowed on board

       MOUNTAIN 100 has a battery capacity of 27600mAh and 99Wh. According to the relevant regulations of organizations like CAAC, FAA and EASA, direct boarding is allowed if the rated energy does not exceed 100wh. If the rated energy is between 101wh and 160wh, it can also be legally boarded after being approved by airlines.

       The battery capacity of this product is 99wh, less than the specified 100wh, so it can be directly carried on the plane without worries about the endurance of long-distance travel.

Product Parameters

Interface parameters: USB Type-C interface supports power input and output with max. power of 60W; USB-A QC3.0 interface supports power output up to 28w, which can charge devices supporting QI standard with max. charging power of 10W; AC interface supports power output of 100V/60Hz 100W.

       The screen display contents include: current battery capacity , remaining output time reminder, high temperature warning, low temperature warning, current input power, current output power, power overload reminder, cooling system start-up reminder, and ports in use.

       MOUNTAIN 100 can be recycled for more than 500 times, which can work normally in the environment of -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (charging needs to be above 0 ℃).

Endurance Ability

MOUNTAIN 100 can charge a laptop for 1-2 times or a mobile phone for 8-10 times. It can also charge up to 5 devices simultaneously by means of 4 charging ports (2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 AC port) and 10W QI surface.

       The battery capacity of 99wh can meet the battery endurance requirements of common electronic devices, such as mobile phones, cameras, palmtops,. At the same time, the input and output power of 60W can not only quickly realize its own electric quantity full, but also provide fast charging for laptops and other high-power electronic products , which is very suitable for business trips or travel.