• What type of battery is used in MOUNTAIN products?

    MOUNTAIN's portable power products use 18650 lithium-ion batteries with high quality and high safety produced by famous companies such as LG or Panasonic.

  • Can and only electrical appliances with the specification of 50 Hz / 60 Hz be used?

    Currently, most of the AC electrical appliances on the market supports 50 / 60Hz, that is, they can be used normally under these two AC frequencies.

    The HZ value has no effect on general household appliances, such as microwave oven, electric oven, computer, etc.; but has some influence on powered household appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines, etc.

    The design frequency of the mobile energy storage product of mountain is 60Hz. Please confirm the corresponding frequency of the machine to be used.

  • Can portable power products be used while charging?

    The products can be used while charging, provided that the output power is smaller than the charging power.

    If the output power of the devices is higher than the charging power, the battery will not be able to store power and the power will be cut off.


  • If the energy storage power supply is not used for a long time, how should it be stored?

    With the demand for long-term storage, it is recommended to be recharged every 3 months, and its storage capacity should be kept at about 40%, which is the best for lithium-ion battery. Long-term low storage capacity may cause irreversible damage to the battery and reduce the available capacity; on the contrary, high storage capacity (such as 100% full charge) will make the battery kept in a highly active state and may cause fire or other potential risks under the extreme environment (such as high temperature, strong physical impact).

  • How do I know if and how long the mobile energy storage products of MOUNTAIN can charge my equipment?

    1. You need to check the rated power (unit: W) of the equipment. It can be used if it does not exceed the power output of the AC port of the currently purchased power supply.

    2. You can roughly calculate the battery endurance by using the following formula:

    Equipment running time = rated output power of power supply * 0.85/rated power of equipment.

    For example: the power consumption of a single electric blanket is 60W. If you use MOUNTAIN 800, the theoretical working time is about 800wh * 0.85/60w = 11 hours.

    Please note that the actual power consumption will vary in different cases.

  • AC adapter sometimes becomes very hot, is it normal?

    The AC adapter attached to our products will generate heat due to continuous high current when charging large capacity batteries, which is in line with the standard of heat conduction. The AC adapter is of high temperature resistant design, with a surface temperature specification of 65 degrees and a maximum temperature tolerance of 75 degrees. When charging, please do not touch with your hands and charge in a well ventilated place.
    The adapter is a product that has passed the national mandatory safety testing requirements and can be used safely. In case of abnormal smell or melting of the label attached to the AC adapter, it may be the initial defect or failure, please stop using immediately. Pull out the adapter plug from the socket and entrust the seller to replace it.

  • Why is the received product not fully charged?

    The working principle of lithium-ion battery is to realize charge-discharge conversion through internal chemical reaction. If the lithium-ion battery is stored at full charge for a long time, the internal crystal will be highly active for a long time, which will cause the following disadvantages:
    1. Increase the potential safety hazard; 2. Accelerate the aging of battery.
    The best capacity of the battery under long-term storage is about 40%. Therefore, considering that there is a certain storage period from production to shipment, and in order to ensure transportation safety, the battery capacity is kept at about 40%, and will not be delivered under full charge.

  • Does the company have matching solar panel for sale? How to use it?

    1. Solar panels are not online yet and will be updated in the future. Please pay attention to the company's new product trends.

    2. It can be charged with solar panels produced by other companies. Input specifications: power 50w-100w, voltage 12-30v, DC plug specification: 8mm (outer diameter: 7.9MM, inner core: 0.9mm).

    Please note due to the limitation of DC interface input current, the higher the power of the solar panel, not the better the effect. It should be used in accordance with the input specifications recommended in the manual of various mobile energy storage products.