Compact, multifunctional, pratical portable outdoor power bank

Battery capacity : 99Wh (27600mAh@3.6V)Battery type


Compact, multifunctional
  • 1100W AC Output
  • 2PD 60W Two-way Quick Charging
  • 310W Wireless Charging
  • 4Airplane Friendly
  • 5Portability
  • 6LCD Screen

4 output interfaces

● AC output  100W

● USB3.0 output  Max 28W*2

● TYPE-C input and output  Max 60W

● Wireless charging  10W

Free placement Free wireless charging

10W quick wireless charging

QI standard

● The mobile phone can be conveniently placed to enjoy the fun of wireless fast charging

● Support QI standard equipment, power up to 10W

Interface and Function Description

Compact, all-round function

Safety Protection

● BMS software management

● Real-time monitoring of battery status

● Intelligent inverter system

● Multiple hardware safety protection

BMS battery management system, which is used for intelligent charge&discharge management, monitors system temperature and intervene in system protection at any time. Through the intelligent algorithm of charge&discharge management and the battery equalization function, the cycle life of the battery is prolonged.

How to Charge?

3 optional charging modes
  • AC Outlet
    Around 3 Hrs
  • Car Port
    Around 3 Hrs
  • 60W Solar Panel
    Around 5 Hrs
Battery endurance description
  • iPad 28Wh

    2-3 Times

  • Gopro 5Wh

    16+ Times

  • Nintendo Switch 16Wh

    5+ Times

  • Laptop 65Wh

    1-2 Times

  • Phone 10Wh

    8+ Times


Easily solve the power consumption demand for outdoor office and entertainment