Mountain 400
Innovative Appearance and Multifunctions

At present, outdoor activities are increasing, such as a self-driving trip with your families, or camping together with various products like cameras, mobile phones, drones, sports watches, and camping lights. More and more electronic devices begin to integrate into the outdoor life, which makes the corresponding scenes need to be charged. The small power bank that is usually carried with during traveling has been already not enough.

On the other hand, natural disasters occur more frequently. For the grid damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis, energy storage device is also needed to provide emergency lighting power supply. In some areas with underdeveloped power grids, a diesel generator is usually used as standby, which is bulky and environmental unfriendly, together with unbearable smell and noise.

Based on these requirements, we have prepared the MOUNTAIN 400, a large-capacity portable energy storage for users, which is solid and compact in shape and powerful in function.

Product Characteristics

Different from the small power bank with low output voltage, low load and single interface, MOUNTAIN 400 is a complete set of safe power supply system, including lithium-ion battery pack, battery management system, DC output circuit board, AC inverter circuit board,charging&discharging protection control circuit, etc. Meanwhile, the system is with overload and short circuit protection, in case of accident, it will automatically cut off the power supply. The built-in cooling system can monitor and control the operating temperature of the power supply in real time.


 MOUNTAIN 400 has multi-functional interfaces and stronger device compatibility, to charge the multi-devices at the same time. In case of power failure due to earthquake, typhoon and other natural disasters, it can be used as a family emergency reserve and separated from the power grid to provide independent power supply for daily electrical appliances, such as communication equipment, lighting device, cooking device, boiling water device, notebook computer, electric blanket, and mini refrigerator, etc., to ensure normal life and work.

       For other demand scenarios such as outdoor construction, outdoor barbecue, medical equipment power supply, and mobile lighting, etc., MOUNTAIN 400 can provide good power supply support to make up for the lack of battery endurance.

Function Introduction

The AC panel has two 100V AC output sockets (supporting two-plug and three-plug sockets), and an independent AC output switch, which can control the on and off of the 100V AC output at any time, with higher security. There is a silicone protective pad on the outside of each AC interface, which does not affect the use of the interface. When the interface is not connected to the device, it can effectively protect against external shocks, prevent dust, foreign objects, etc. from entering, together with waterproof effect, to reduce failures and extend the service life of the product. A thermovent is designed above the interface, and the system will automatically start and stop the cooling fan according to the internal working temperature, and balance the temperature of the battery and the working circuit to avoid high temperature aging.

A wireless charging area is also designed on the top of the product, which supports Qi standard and 10W power wireless charging, eliminating the trouble of connecting cable and charging when placed.

Two aluminum alloy handles are located on both sides of the top of the product, and the handrails on the side of the DC panel are telescopic structure, which can minimize the storage space while ensuring the convenience of handling.


Mountain 400 allows users to get rid of the limitations of indoor electricity consumption, providing various appliances with AC and DC power anytime and anywhere for a long time.

Whether it's earthquake relief, family emergency, outdoor recreation, or a road trip, the MOUNTAIN 400 will provide you with efficient, safe, continuous and stable power output.