Large Capacity and Strong Output

We cannot live without electricity. With the continuous variety enrichment and functional enhancement of consumer electronic devices, the demand for personal electricity is increasing day by day.

In current technological environment, daily electricity consumption is relatively simple. Especially in the indoor environment, electricity can be obtained once connecting the corresponding commercial power interface. However, in case of power outage, outdoor work, and long-distance self-driving trips, etc., getting electricity is not easy to meet the large demand. In the face of outdoor activities or emergency electricity "Power Shortage" problems, many people will be at a loss. Don't worry, a MOUNTAIN 800 outdoor portable power supply will do the trick.

Decade of Grinding Sword,Deepening the Lithium-ion Battery Application Industry

Mountain, founded in 2011, launched the Power Station series with model of MOUNTAIN 800, a large-capacity outdoor mobile power supply, which is specially designed to provide the simplest solution and solve the needs of outdoor power consumption. The 800wh large-capacity design and 1000W strong power can solve the power problems of ordinary power electrical appliances.

From appearance design to internal configuration, MOUNTAIN 800 adopts high-quality solutions to fundamentally solve the problems of off-grid power consumption.

Appearance and Configuration

The capacity of MOUNTAIN 800 is 800wh, equipped with commercial power adapter and vehicle charging line. The match color of  the product shell is mainly gun color, and the material is aluminum alloy + ABS. Such material have high comprehensive performance, high impact strength, good flame retardancy and good heat dissipation, which can withstand the high and low temperature in the range of -20℃-60℃ to easily cope with the complex outdoor temperature environment.

MOUNTAIN 800 is designed with two handles for easy carrying and has a non-slip silicone footpad designed to hold it in place. Both sides of the product are respectively arranged DC operation panel and AC operation panel, making the operation simple and intuitive. Wireless charging area is designed on the top, which supports QI standard. Its 10W power wireless charging can achieve charging when placed, and save the trouble of connecting cable.

The DC operation panel has a main power switch, two USB-A 2.0 output ports, two USB-A QC3.0 ports, two TYPE-C PD ports, and two 8mmDC input ports. All ports will be clearly marked . It is also equipped with a 4-inch LCD backlight display screen, no matter at night or outdoors with strong light during the day, the charging&discharging status of the power supply can be check clearly and intuitively.

       The AC operation panel has two 100V AC output sockets (supporting two-plug and three-plug socket), 12V DC output interface (cigarette lighter socket), and an independent AC output control switch, which can control the on-off of 100V AC output at any time, with higher safety. There is a black silica gel protective cover on the outside of each interface, which can be opened in use and will not be affected. When the interface is not in use, the protective cover can be closed to effectively protect against external shocks, prevent dust and foreign objects from entering, together with waterproof effect,  so as to effectively protect the internals of the power supply, reduce faults and extend the service life of the product. There is a heat sink above the interface, and the system will detect the internal operating temperature in real time. Once upon the set value is reached, the fan will be automatically started to dissipate heat, balance the internal temperature of the system and avoid high temperature aging.

Usage Scenarios

       MOUNTAIN 800 can be used for devices with output power below 1000W and support six output specifications to meet the needs of charging different electrical appliances and multiple devices at the same time.

USB interface can charge mobile phones, small fans and other electrical appliances.

      AC interface belongs to pure sine wave output, whose parameters are consistent with the commercial power, and will not cause damage to electrical appliances. It can support two-plug and three-plug sockets, which can be used for notebooks, cameras, drones, electric ovens and other electrical appliances.

      The 12V DC output interface can be used for car refrigerator, mini rice cooker and other cigarette lighter interface equipment.

Charging Modes

In different scenarios, MOUNTAIN 800 can reasonably choose three different charging modes in compliance with different environments, which expands the scope of application and improves the user experience.

Mains charging: standard 100W AC adapter, the mains charging time is about 12 hours.

On-board recharging:  standard on-board charging cable can be applied to recharge after the engine is started.

Solar panel charging: an additional 100W solar panel is required, and it can be charged in outdoor places with sunlight.


MOUNTAIN 800 is a multi-functional outdoor portable power supply  supporting AC&DC  and wireless charging. The first-line brand cell is selected, which has the advantages of high energy density, high capacity and high power. Multi-standard interfaces can help meet the basic power consumption demand, whether it is for home emergency or outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the BMS battery management system and intelligent inverter protection system loaded inside realize the safety protection of over-voltage, over-temperature, over-load and AC short circuit, so as to provide you with convenient, safe and reliable power consumption experience.